Friday, February 25, 2011

Beautiful girlies!

Megan, Ally and Christina

All dressed up for the dance!  They looked absolutely beautiful!
 We did a little photo shoot in the backyard before taking them to the dance.  And, of course, there had to be trampoline time with these three!!  They're the best of friends.  I couldn't have chosen better friends for my daughter!!!
A little trampoline time first!!

Posing for pics

We love these three beautiful girls!

My princess

Princess Christina
Princess Megan

Not sure the dance was all they'd hoped, but there will be many more!  Seems like a good time was had by all!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Savannah Kaye

Savannah our oldest daugher and one of the most beautiful people I know.

She's turning 23 next week and that's so hard to believe!  Shortly after we celebrated our wedding we had an 8th birthday party for her.  It was memorable for sure!

Savannah and Dad celebrating DBU Graduation May 2010

She gets her diploma at 4 short years!
Now look at her...B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!!!  In May 2010 she graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a Bachelor of Arts degree.  The kid is amazingly talented.  She spent a full semester at Martha's Vinyard in a program at the Contemporary School of Music during the fall of her Junior year.  She made some amazing life long friends.  And has kept in touch with them. 

She's also my beach buddy.  She loves the beach.  She actually picked our 2010 vacation spot, Destin, FL.  It was a blast and seems like she absolutely soaked up the sun.

In January she decided to pursue her music career, meet up with some of her friends from CMC and moved to Nashville, TN.  She got a job and an apartment before hitting the road and chasing her dreams!  It's crazy, and a little scary.  But Carrie Underwood better watch out!! 

As you can see we are immensely proud of her and love her to the moon and back!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Roby Dale

Roby is our oldest son.  He'll be 21 in just a few short weeks.  It's so hard to believe he's a grown man now!  Roby's a pretty laid back guy, with a great personality.  He's super quick-witted and sharp. 

He's working pretty much full time now, making some bank.  He and Robert get together for lunch every couple weeks and have a great time. 

He's a great cook, and loves to try new things!!  Honestly, I don't know that there's anything I've seen him NOT try!  He and I went to a cooking class last spring sponsored by the Texas Beef Council.  Had a great time, learned a whole lot about beef, and ate some great food!  The funniest part about it was that I won the class through a contest for "Girls Gone Grilling".  I invited him, knowing that he loved to cook and grill.  And except for the instructors he was the only guy.  Secretly I think he kinda liked that!

He, like Justin, is quite the comedian.  And never afraid to poke fun at himself! 

I'll never forget a time when Roby was little, probably barely 6.  We were driving him home to his mom's and the kids like to do word problems in the car.  Robert said something like "If you have 7 apples, I eat 1, Rachel gives you 5 more, Savannah needs 3 for a pie, but Justin gives you 8, how many do you have?"  Before Robert could finish the sentence Roby piped up "Wait, I don't have that many fingers!!"  For some reason that just cracked us up and I've never forgotten that.  Kids...gotta love 'em!

Here are a few more random pics of him...

Snorkeling off Shell Island, Florida 2010

With Mokie, Gummie's dog

Surf lessons - 2007 vacation to Virginia Beach
Roby - love ya!!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Justin Scott - Finally!!

Why is talkin about Justin so hard??!!

Justin makes me smile....all the time!

He's 19, and full of energy. J's a freshman at UT Arlington this year, studying political science.  At this time his plan is to possibly work for the CIA or FBI in Washington DC, or maybe teach something in social sciences...maybe.  :-)   Whatever he chooses to do, I'll be excited and proud of him!  But secretly, I'm hoping he settles on teaching here in Fort Worth!!!  I like having him around!

Justin Scott loves Jesus!  He's started a blog as well ( and posts a verse or passage with every entry.  He's planning on going to Italy this summer to spread the Gospel to that part of the world.  He's also planning on attending Super Summer as a leader and/or part of a worship band.  Seriously, this boy's just a neat kid.
Yes, Justin's a musician and a servant as well.  He plays drums in our church worship band every week, and he's really good!  AND, in addition to school and church activities, Justin works at Spring Creek Barbecue in Fort Worth.  Go see him, he weilds a heck of a knife on the block!!!

Destin - July 2010

He's my adventure kid...and, as he's named himself, Chief Comic Relief Officer!  He's a confident, zany, smart, just an all around great guy!  He's always willing to pitch in and usually does a great job.  He loves to go to the acreage in Denton with his Papa, cutting wood, clearing brush, or just hanging out.  He's a great cook too.  Although he doesn't care for fresh vegetables, there isn't much he won't cook.  He loves to try new recipes from the Epicurious app on his iPad. 

He has also recenty started pitching in with our photography business.  At one of Ally's competitions last month he named himself "Third String Photographer".  He has also proved himself as kid-entertainer in the holding rooms at Upward team and individual portrait shoots.  Oh, and did I mention he was our first "Senior Portrait" model??!! 

 And, mostly, Justin loves his family.  He totally adores his baby brother and sister!!  He's helped with the WHHS band during Andy's Senior year, helped with pictures for Ally's cheer team and even painted his face red to support her at competitions. 

My sweet babies - November 2011
 Justin Scott Erwin -- I love you!!!