Friday, January 21, 2011

Allyson Paige probably the most spoiled little girl in the world!  But she's not so little!  Ally is our baby.  She's 12 1/2 (well, 12 3/4 really).  I can't believe our youngest child will be 13 in April!  She's a beautiful, talented, outgoing 7th grader. 

First and foremost the girl is an athlete.  She's a cheerleader, but not in what most people think of when they hear the word cheerleader.  Ally has been on competitive all-star cheer teams since she was 7 years old.  When she first started tumbling classes she knew nothing, but within just a few short months was asked to be on a cheer team.  We were clueless.  I mean, what can 6-7 year olds do on a cheer team??  Oh my, if we only knew then what we were getting in to!!  She's in the midst of her sixth year of cheer at a private gym in North Fort Worth, Texas Stars (find them at  Her tumbling skills have amazed me, she's progressed from nothing to a cartwheel, roundoff, back handspring, walkovers, back tuck and has a layout.  She's working on a full, which is crazy hard!  Next time you see the NCA or UCA college nationals on ESPN stop and watch.  She's not too far behind what those kids do, and she's 12!!!  She's also a flyer, the girl they throw up in the air, hold up on one foot and fling around in pyramids.  It's so amazing to watch her teams, and this year she's on two...busy busy.  Here are some pics of her in action....

That was a wicked pyramid!  2009 Cheer Power Nationals

One of her favorite pics...2010 Cheer Power Nationals (Champions!!!)
ACA Nationals, January 2011 - Champs and High Point!!
 Other than cheer, she's attached permanently to her cell phone and iPod touch, where she is on Facebook almost all the time!  Her two besties, Megan and Christina, are the sweetest girls and they do just about everything together!  She also serves, as you can see by the pic at the very top here, as dad's model for our budding photography business.  Here's one of my favorite pictures of her...totally glam with cheer makeup!

So there you have it.  You've been introduced to Miss Allyson Paige McNeill, the baby, princess, doll of the family.   She's also one of my best friends.  Those trips to and from the cheer gym provide lots of mom-daughter time that I treasure.  Ally, I love you most!

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