Saturday, January 8, 2011

The City By The Bay.....

San Francisco....ahhh...  Isn't Cali supposed to be sunny?  We haven't seen much from the great orangy orb since we arrived.  Lots of clouds and fog.  Cold, damp weather.  But we've had fun.  We've almost hit everything on our list of things to do!  Sausalito, Muir Woods, pics of the Golden Gate from all four angles, Union Square, Transamerica Insurance bulding, Postcard Row, Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli Square...  We drove over the Oakland Bay Bridge, the one that collapsed upon itself in the earthquake of 1988.  That was a little unnerving, but we made it over and back just fine.  Chinatown was an experience for sure! 
Chinatown....An Interesting Neighborhood
The open air markets were incredible.  Some with all sorts of fresh fruit and veggies.  Some not as exciting.  I'm not a seafood eater at all..period.  Saw more than enough swimming things in Chinatown - alive and dead.  Whole and in pieces.  Ugh.  And the smell! 

Fisherman's Wharf had some of the same...but what do I expect?  I'm in a coastal town, known for it's seafood.  Just keep walking, just keep walking, there's something that smells good somewhere.  Oh, yeah, Boudin Bakery with the sourdough bread!!!  Yummmmmmm. 

The last pic I'll post tonight is from "Postcard Row".  For all of us who love 80's sitcoms you'll probably recognize it from "Full House".  Ally loves that show.  Every time I see this picture I start singing the theme song ..."everywhere you look...there's somebody that loves you..."
Postcard Row
All in all it's been fun.  I wish it had been sunnier, and maybe a little warmer.  We need to add this to the list of towns to come back too for sure!!  Heading back to DFW tomorrow.  Not sure how the "Winter Storm" heading that way is going to affect our flight.  Hopefully we'll make it home on time.  We'll see.....

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  1. I lived in Cali in 88 when that happened! Glad your trip was good! I love Ca.