Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan is one amazing young man! As you can see, he plays trumpet.  Andy's a senior this year at Western Hills High School.  He's played trumpet since 7th grade, and is pretty darn good at it. 

But Andy's passion isn't his horn really.  He's a technical kid who loves his video games.  He spends hours and hours doing 'research' on his Xbox 360 every week, and he is passionate about those games!  His dream job is to design games.  So after he graduates this summer he plans to begin college and work toward that dream! 

Andy works at Spring Creek Barbecue in Fort Worth.  He's been with SC since last spring, starting at the Lake Worth store.  He transferred to Fort Worth just a couple weeks ago.  He seems to like it pretty much. 

Andy's got the most striking blue eyes.  And when he smiles, they just light up, and melt my heart.  He's my tall, skinny kid...you'd never know he was the biggest of the three kids when he was born.  He's the tallest of all the kids, but if tghe wind blows too hard he may just blow away, he's so thin! 

Striking a pose during the band show
Andy's a cool kid, honestly.  He's quick witted, mischevious, extremely smart and somewhat stubborn.  He loves to create - Legos were a major part of his growing up years.  He could build just about anything out of them.  In physics this year he had to create a structure out of popcicle sticks and hot glue to support and cusion a raw egg dropped from the height of the top of the bleachers.   It's was crazy neat - and it worked!!!  He's also my most particular eater, but eats some of the oddest things!  He loves any sort of berry, but doesn't like sauce on spaghetti.  He'll eat broccoli - only if its raw.  Loves almonds, pecans and peanuts, but doesn't like onions at all.  He'll dip a chip in salsa, but shake everything off it before he eats it.  He's persnickety, as my mom would always say. 

As you can see, Mr. Andrew is perfect just the way he is.  I love you Andrew Ryan Erwin!!!
Summer Vacation 2010

Fall 2009

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