Sunday, January 2, 2011

I finally did it!!

Ok, so I'm finally trying my hand at blogging.  Not sure if I'll have any followers, but it's worth a shot! 

Christmas break is wrapping up.  Back to work tomorrow...but only for three days.  Off to San Francisco Thursday for Robert and I!!  A short, early, celebration of our 15th wedding anniversary.  We had planned on going to Maui, but decided SFO would be more fun!  Haha. 

Then the real running begins...for the next 2 months there is something on the calendar every Saturday. Cheer competitions,cheer practices, Upward portrait shoots and more. 

Hopefully I'll figure out how to do this blog thing and can post every now and then with some pics! Maybe some of you more savvy bloggers can help me out!  :-)

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