Sunday, January 16, 2011

We Are The Champions!!

As you may, or may not, know Allyson Paige McNeill is a cheerleader.  Not the rah-rah-go-team cheerleader you think of.  And definitely not the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader type.  But a competitive, or All Star, cheerleader.  This is her sixth year to cheer, and I think she loves it more and more each year.  Currently, she is on two teams at Texas Star.  She's on the Senior Level 2 team - Fusion.  And the Senior Level 3 team - Blaze. 

They begin training in April each year perfecting skills.  In July they start working on their routines, a 2 1/2 minute dancing, tumbling, stunting, cheering, energetic experience.  Competitions start in November/December.  There are regional events during that time.  January thru April are National competitions.  There are several cheer companies, and most sponsor a National event.  So there is the opportunity for teams to win multiple national titles. 

Our teams only attended one regional event in December.  Ally's teams both won their divisons! 

Spirit Celebration Christmas Classic
So, we move into Nationals!  There are 5 National events each of Ally's teams are attending.  Yesterday was ACA Small Gym Nationals in Fort Worth.  Only one of the teams she is on attended, Fusion (Senior Level 2).   They rocked!!!!  So then we wait...and wait...and wait for the awards ceremony to see how they scored.  We, the parents, felt good about it, but you never know.  We're not judges, so we have no idea what to expect.  There were 7 teams in the Senior (age 18 and under) level 2 (the ability level - can throw a back handspring in combination and extend stunts).  I get so nervous waiting to hear!!  And then it's time....they announce 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th..hey, we're top 3!  Then 3rd (not us) and 2nd (not us!!)...we won!!!  Not only did they win National Champion for Senior Level 2, they had the highest level 2 scores....HIGH POINT!!  They garnered snazzy new jackets with the ACA National Champion logo all over the back for the world to see, and $500 for the gym!   AND they won a fully paid bid to the International All Levels Championship in April! It's a pretty good day!

Fusion Pyramid - ACA Nationals

Senior 2 Champions and High Point!

National Champions in their newest jackets!!

And so we've begun Nationals season on the right foot!  Next weekend we have another.  The American Showdown.  Both teams Ally is on compete.  Last year at this competition all six teams we took won..A clean sweep!!  Hoping to do it again for sure!

It's definitely a busy busy time for us, but we love it.  It makes for long days, disappearing weekends, but immense joy and pride when our girls give it their best, regardless of what place they finish in.  The girls Ally began cheering with at Texas Star five years ago are still together, and have come so far.  It's just amazing to watch them.  At the end of the season I'll post videos of their routines for you all to see - it really is cool!

Have a great week everyone!

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