Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love Our Furry Friends

I love our pets.  We have two sweet kitty cats. 

Duchess is Ally's cat.  My mom gave her to Ally, and named her for us.  She's a beautiful, blue-eyed siamese-y stray.  And she's a snob.  Yep, a real stuck up cat.  She does not like to snuggle.  She does not like to be held.  She does not like you to touch her really.  She'll sleep on your feet, if she comes up on the bed on her own.  She loves kitty treats, she'll bite you if you aren't careful while feeding them to her!  Duchess even has her on facebook page, find her - Duchess McNeill!  She's a brat really, but a beauty for sure!
Miss Duchess McNeill
And then we have Dakota, my cat.  Robert adopted him from the humane society in July 2008.  He's my baby.  He's the snuggle bug kitty in this house.  Not at all as beautiful as Duchess, but he makes up for it in personality.  He sleeps with me, I mean snuggled right up to me...closer than than Robert even!  He's fat, has allergies that make his eye get icky, bites my nose to "kiss" me, and loves loves loves to walk across my lap ON MY LAPTOP while I'm working.  Which is exactly what prompted this post today.  He's a mess!  But he'll snuggle with all of us.  He particularly likes Snuggies!  And we think he's part dog somewhere, he totally has doggie traits!  And that boy is one fat cat!


So, now you know the two youngest members of the family.  And yes, this entire post was solely about our pets.  Guess I should dedicate a post to each of the humans in the family....yeah, I'll do that next time.  :-)

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